Friday, July 23, 2010


So the past few years have been spent culling many of our Grandparent's possessions. As one of the theatre buffs in the family I have received several old articles of clothing. My Gramps' Navy uniforms, and some of my Grams' old dresses (which will never fit me, not in 100 years, but they are just so lovely). I am honored to be the person who holds onto these things, but I think that my favorite part is all of the hats.

I have a bunch of hats that my Gramps wore in the war, but my Grams' hats are INCREDIBLE! There are hats with feathers, hats with sequins, red hats, blue hats, hats with bows, and hats with nets! The unfortunate part is that only a few of these hats fit my head, the rest are all too small.

Our Mother just got back from a visit to see one of the cousins on the coast. Upon her return she presented me with yet another hat, and this one... I can wear! We aren't quite sure who the original owner is, but are under the impression that it was used for the bridesmaid in either our Grandparents, or Great-Grandparent's (on Grams' side) wedding. All I know for sure is I think it is fabulous!

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