Friday, May 13, 2011

Hold On

It's as if this week the wind itself has whispered this command to me over and over....

"Hold on, Hold on to yourself, 'cause this is going to hurt like hell..." Sarah McLachlin & Alberta Ballet
“Without me you’ve got it all… So hold on” Robert Pattinson, Never Think
"But I will hold on hope" Mumford & Sons, The Cave

Hold on.... to hope.

Through tears, I read the rescue story of my friend's aunt, Rita Chretian. Three days after getting very lost and badly stuck in the Nevada wilderness, her husband, Al, set out on foot to go find help. He never returned, and she was - alone - for the next 46 days until three hunters happened upon her isolated location.

I can't even imagine what those weeks were like for her and how she endured the mental and physical anguish all those days.

Holding on.

Yesterday her pastor, Neil Allenbrand, spent some time visiting with her at the hospital in her hometown, and when he spoke to the press afterwards, he commented that "This is not just a miracle of physical survival, it's a miracle of emotional, mental and spiritual survival."

She did it.
She held on
until she was found.

I think every time someone says "Hold on..." the listener is given a nugget of hope.

And now, I can't help but whisper this prayer for all of you,
my friends,
and sister.

When feeling low, lonely, and lacking light...
hold on
You may feel despair for a moment, but hold on to the hope that loneliness is temporary

I'm here :)


Today’s review comes from the first person we told about our blog, Ms. Regan.

Regan has been featured in a few posts here, here, and here. And regardless of the things we say about her or the photos we post of her, she’s most certainly our loudest cheerleader.

First, let me express the joy that the two of you have brought into my life this past year. I have learned about your hopes, your passions, your experiences, your wishes and what you both value above all. Words truly cannot express the depth of emotion I have experienced reading your blog. I have laughed, cried and learned about each of you over this past year.

I thought long and hard about which post or posts were my favorites, but I cannot choose just one. I have read the posts at all hours of the day and in all sorts of places. You have brought a smile to my face while I was in the depths of despair, made me laugh out loud at work with laughter and made my heart swell with pride and thanksgiving that I am lucky to know such interesting, caring individuals.

Over the year your posts have changed as the two of you grew.

Kelsey - you truly have a way with words. Your posts about India had me almost smelling the curry and hearing the singing children. I always look forward to reading your unique take on the world. You have a soft heart and kind mind (thank you Cullen) and it shines through your posts.

Ailen - you are definitely the visual one! Your posts are always pleasing to the eye. You have a way of telling the story without words which is truly a gift.

So to sum it all up here are my two cents. Like your appearances, you have very different blogging styles. The photographer versus the writer. I am glad that you have found a space where you can both meet and share your experiences in the medium that suits you best. You may not share your experiences in the same way, but you both share two things laughter and love and I thank you for that.



  1. Lovely Post and what a beautiful letter. Congrats ladies!

  2. The radio played Hold On by Sara, just after talking to the director of Alberta Ballet. They had been scheduled to take their "Northern Tights" road show to Slave Lake next week, but were instead doing two extra shows in Athabasca, hoping that Slave Lakers would be able to come. ANyway, I'd never heard the song before, very fitting. Did you see the ballet?

  3. Yes! I wanted to see the ballet so badly and just about missed it, but I snagged a ticket at the last minute.... it was a good thing I went alone because I was crying within the first five minutes.