Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Most Spectacular Show On Earth

I'm not right about everything all of the time...
... but I am right about a lot of things.
A lot of the time.

Back in January my sister and my friend were both smitten with the latest Robert Pattinson movie that was about to hit the silver screen I asked "What's the film?"

In unison they answered "Water for Elephants!"

"Ah!" I said "Water for Elephants. Such a good book! You should both read it before the film comes out."

But my suggestion of reading the book was greeted with grumblings and protests.

So the topic was dropped.

And yet..... both my sister and my friend have now read the book, and I think it's pretty safe to say that they're both glad they read it before seeing the movie.

We sisters went and saw the film last night (without giving too much away) the story is about a depression-era circus looking for their next big act - guaranteed to sell out seats.
They try a lot of gimmicks, and eventually end up acquiring an elephant as their golden ticket....

Now. In my opinion, rather than spending a boatload of money on an elephant, all they needed was

a baby

to rescue their circus....

Ladies & Gentleman! Step right up!
Come and see one of the world's amazing wonders......
She can not walk, she can not crawl, she can barely roll over

but she's the mystical floating baby!

Beware my friends and do not look her in the eye - she will melt your heart with her cuteness.

A sell out circus act for sure.

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  1. Loved the book but have heard the movie is sadly lacking...Sue

  2. Video scared me and yet she is beautiful and cute. Want to see it and haven't read it!

  3. Hahaha
    "Melt your heart with her cuteness"

    Definitely one of those superpowers that is quite overlooked, but just as menacing haha.

  4. Sister, sometimes you are brilliant! ...sometimes ;)