Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love Your Neighbour

Last week I was sitting in my front yard after a long day of work reading my book and enjoying the sunshine when a car pulled up in front of our row of town houses. Two people emerged from the car - moving quite slowly- dressed in yellow.

I'd seen yellow balloons outside of their house a couple weeks prior, and only just maybe the day before saw their faces on a TV while channel surfing.

As these two stiff folks pulled armloads out of the car I put two and two together and shouted out
"Hey! I know you!" a little too loudly
(I think I startled even myself).

Yes. Ladies & Gentleman, our neighbours
are reality TV stars!

Even though they were visibly tired Jesse & Raegan took the time to chat with me and Kelsey on the front lawn. They had just finished up their last day of filming a gruellingly long day.

See the show they are filming is like a d0-it-yourself extreme home makeover, and the Maleys are required to do all the work themselves... no wonder they looked so exhausted!

But here's the thing.... the winners are determined by viewer votes only, and as sad as we would be to loose the Maleys as our neighbours, we would be so happy for them to win their dream home....

So the staff here at Sisters & Such are asking you to
Love Your Neighbour
and cast your vote for Jesse & Raegan and their beautiful family.

Because these really are our neighbours
and because you love us they're kinda like your neighbours too....

Go Team Yellow!

We don't have a 2-cent review to share with you today, but we have to mention our Aunt Jocelyn who made a very special contribution to the Sisters & Such birthday celebration. Aunt Jocelyn is a lively woman with more love to go around to all her neighbours and then some. She is a master gardener and a scrabble whizz!

We love you, Aunt Jocelyn, and the orphans* thank you!

*today the role of the "orphans" will be played by four nephews.

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