Thursday, May 19, 2011


I love Superman.
He's beautiful. He's strong. He's passionate, unwavering, optimistic, and he can fly.

I used to think that Superman was simply a tool for All-American propaganda. That he was over-rated, and clique.
When I saw a preview for Superman Returns my initial reaction was "Man he looks plastic."
However, I have a love for movies, and on one winter evening I stopped at the general store to rent a movie to watch while doing my homework. The only one that looked half decent and I hadn't already seen was, Superman Returns. So I rented it, simply for interest sake.

I sat down in the living room with my Bio homework spread around me, and pressed play...
...the short story is, I didn't get any Bio homework done. From then on I was hooked! I made it my mission to find all the old Christopher Reeve movies to fully experience what I'd been missing out on. That Christmas Mum gave me something beautiful! A 14 disk box set including all five released Superman movies including Director's cut, countless interviews, a few episodes from the George Reeves era, and some cartoons. I watched it all before the holidays were up.
From this amazing box set I learned about the existence of the TV series called Smallville, which follows the life of a young Clark Kent before he embraces his destiny as the world's greatest superhero. I was skeptical, but thought that I should check it out anyways. I'm glad I did because my favorite Lex Luthor, and favorite Lois Lane come from this show! And now I own all the seasons.
Last Friday was the Grand Finale for the show. I can't seem to bring myself to watch it. I'm not sure how long this stand off will last, I'll get around to watching it sometime, but when I think about that I just picture myself turning the whole thing off two minutes into the first hour.

There's just something about endings. The crazy thing is that Smallville is nowhere near the best representation of this franchise, and apparently I don't want it to stop! Now that is ridiculous. I guess that I've imagined the perfect final episode so many times that I don't want to be disappointed.

Regardless, all of this is pointless. Superman isn't going anywhere, I already know how this story plays out, and I can't even tie my nerd-out session here to anything profound at all!

So, I hope you enjoy the p
ictures at least, and the moral of the story is: I'm a nerd. Then again, so is he...
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Ok so Gabby a real superhero in the world. In her 2-cent review she talks about everyone needing to feel safe and secure, and how she aims to be a sister (code for superhero) to the people around her.

I had a quick peek through your blogs- not all of them, but a few. ‘A Very Good Friday’ was one of my favorites, so I’ll give my two cents to it! The reason I enjoyed reading it was because I am interested in the idea of coming home, and the traditions associated with that. Every person needs to have a sense of security and belonging.

On Good Friday this year I wasn’t with my family, because they were on the mainland of Australia visiting relatives. Two years ago, this would have made me sad, because before I moved away to go to university, I associated that sense of security and belonging with my biological family. However, on Good Friday this year, I heated up some hot cross buns and took them over to my friends place. As simple as that gesture was, I am realizing more and more a simple truth (that others have probably learnt years ago). This simple truth is the understanding that my life isn’t about holding onto the comforts of yesterday or clinging to any sort of security I can get my hands on, but rather about being a sister to others and providing that acceptance and belonging in a world where it is quite rare.

Thinking of you,

Love Gabby.

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