Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Veiled Rebekah

I feel that it is appropriate now, to officially put up this post. This is the one that my sister graciously posted for me, the day of which I received my punishment for. My eyebrow punishment! It's coming up on a week now, and overall the people in my life seem ok with my restructured facial hair. They don't run away screaming, even the ones I don't know, so that's gotta be a good sign! ...My sister still says I look like an alien though :(

Anyways, let me change the topic. When I was in the city of Hyderabad India last September, I got to see this statue "in the flesh" as Kerri Colwell likes to say. And she is very beautiful.

I mean how a person make marble look transparent!? Look at this again... closer:

How on earth? That's all I want to know!

I saw many splendid things in the museum that day, but this left them all in the dust. I know that the pictures are nothing in comparison to the Rebekah I saw "in the flesh" that day, but I wanted to share her beauty with you.


Another beautiful woman I know is Ms. Caitlin Streefland. She sent us her 2-cent review in video format from Australia. I spent Christmas with her at GSAM and it was always a joy to be in her company. Here she is "in the flesh" ;)


  1. Am I very beautiful or is the statue very beautiful? As Kelsey would say "Love you - true story". Loves you Kels!!!


  3. Kerri, YOU are very beautiful indeed :)
    Caitlin, it was amazing to get your video review. Hopefully soon we'll be able to meet.... in the flesh ;)