Monday, May 30, 2011

Music Monday: Big Love

There was a time in our relationship when Ailen thought that I was a music finding genius. Truth be told, I am. However, I've been lax in this area for the past little while as other things in my life take priority over surfing the web for hours on end.

This doesn't bother me as much as I would expect, because my loving and talented sister has taken up the mantel of finding great songs and musicians.
Among other amazing discoveries, stands Calgary based singer/songwrter Brent Tyler, and he stands 7 feet tall, towering above the crowd with his "big love" (a Brent Tyler turn of phrase) for family, fans, and music.

My sister I have attended a few (okay maybe more than a few) of Brent's concerts. Whether the venue is small and intimate or packed with disinterested people, Brent remains gracious and entertaining. I imagine that for every artist the support you receive from the people closest to you is the most encouraging. From the way he talks about them, its easy to tell that Bent loves his family, and from seeing various members at his concerts you know the "big love" is mutual.
The first of Brent's shows I went to, his sister was there. Singing and clapping along, promoting his CDs and simply being there for her brother. Ailen and I watched this simple gesture of love with smiles on our faces, and in our hearts.

We here at Sisters & Such respect and admire the role siblings play in each other's lives. How it's always changing and evolving, yet always important. I recently realized that each of my siblings have taken a turn being the musical genius in life.

When I think of all four of us growing up together, it's Skylar's music that takes the forefront in those memories: Cranberries, Jars of Clay, and of course that one time he discovered ABBA... I'll leave that story for Ailen to tell ;). It was after the two oldest left, and once Jordan could drive that his taste in music defined my interests: 3 Doors Down, City and Colour and probably the first band I distinctly remember him getting me into Green Day. For a few years there I was very self-sustaining in the music department, but I am ever grateful for Ailen's enthusiasm now, which gets me out to live shows in Calgary like 100 Mile House, Zaac Pick, many others and of course Brent Tyler.

Big Love to all siblings everywhere.

"Don’t wait for the day all of your fond memories fade
Take small time to say something so small but big in a way"
- Brent Tyler, In Rhythm

In honor of loving siblings, our last review comes from a very important reader, our biggest brother Skylar. Who's wisdom and insights are never in dispute... ;)

I have many favorite S&S posts from the past year. Most of them are visual in style and coy in execution. Frequently, you flood my eyes with wave after wave of stunning, funny, familiar, or strange sights (Recalling Devil's pool vs. Rng Rd #32). And all too often I find myself a willing and keen observer to the cascade of effervesce. But. There is an (albeit small) antiquated traditionalist deep inside me that ponders: "shouldn't a blog, like it's predecessor, the newspaper column, be about superior execution of "The Essay" rather than "The HTML?" I acknowledge this as a personal struggle, observing the shift in paradigm but I put it to you as a sophomore challenge: let your graphics be the perfect compliment to your linguistic eloquence. Or at least humor me once in a while. I thus, divulge my two favorite posts from the past 12 months (in no certain order): "Sleepless in Wherever" (Sept '10)- Tasteful, accurate display of both the fashion failures and smashing successes of the Lucasian megalomaniac Monarchy. Your opening was engaging; your arguments were flawless; the frames that you chose to display each piece was pristine; and the conclusion was sublime. Well done! Couldn't have said it better myself. "So it begins" (Feb '11)- I pick this only to betray my own self-indulgent tendencies. But undoubtedly superb execution with every frame and caption. Each time I scrolled down I was introduced to a new brilliantly crafted story and, right up until the climax, was incrementally overjoyed. (to quote the ever nonchalant Gian) "Nicely done!"

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