Friday, May 6, 2011

Parts Blog

This Blog comes to you in 4 parts!
1. Influence
2. Party
3. Punishment
4. 2-Cents

This past year has been full of help growing pai
ns in the life of our blog. It started out as forum for us sisters to talk about what is going on in our lives. The inspiration came from John and Hank Green, the Vlogbrothers and founders of Nerdfighteria. They send videos to each other via Youtube, and allow the rest of the world to witness their relationship. The community that has sprung up around their videos is called Nerdfighteria, of which Ailen and I are proud members.

Although we only recently discovered this, our aim here is the same as the Vlogbrothers "To decrease the amount of suck in the world (World Suck) by increasing awesome." Thank-you John and Hank, for being made of Awesome. And
thank-you readers, for having no other choice but to join in our extension of Nerdfighteria, I dub you Made of Awesome.

Heritage Park is not only significant in Calgary's history, it is also significant in our blog's history. It was there that Ailen found out we had a blog, and
there where we celebrated with Patty and Paco the day that I had started it.

- guest writer, Ailen

for Kelsey's first punishment, a couple of readers unanimously agreed on a punishment.
We all know that Kelsey is only vain about one thing.... her eyebrows.
So the only suitable and reasonable punishment included a whole lot of plucking!

Because you readers are made of awesome, you have reduced World Suck by contributing your 2-cent review of our blog. On this anniversary of Sisters & Such, you have raised $55.00 for the children of the GSAM! Thanks so much everyone, head's up, we'll be doing this next year too!


  1. That punishment was MEAN Ailen!!! hehe. Poor Kelsey. Don't worry though Kelsey you're still beautiful. Not a lot of people could pull that look off. I'm impressed!! :)


  2. I can NOT believe she did that! WOW Kels even I know how much you love your eyebrows! You are awesome with or without.


  3. Love those tweezers! (I got them for Kelsey for Christmas and mailed them to her in India!)