Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keeping (my sister) Informed

As I have mentioned here previously, I sometimes forget to tell you (my sister) important things... This week it has to do with The Royal Wedding Reception.

You know what Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge wore, and you also saw what Camilla was wearing. But I have neglected to share my knowledge with you regarding other important persons of note. Mainly Pippa and Carole Middleton, who were both stunning.

Now I have been hard pressed to find what anyone else wore to this event besides Princess Beatrice... trust me when I say it's not worth knowing. However she and her sister, Princess Eugenie, didn't do too badly when they attended a pre-wedding dinner hosted by Her Majesty the Queen.

Princess Anne and her Mother The Queen both looked ravishing, although I'd have to say that The Queen has my vote for best dressed between the two of them. Therefore I posted a photo of her that showed as much of her gown as possible, sorry it's so far way, but I wasn't the one taking the picture ;)

Lastly, I thought that it would be appropriate to show the most dashing couple of the night. Always gracious, ever stylish, and the Royal gem of all Scandinavia, I give you Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband Prince Daniel, the Duke and Duchess of Västergötland!

Don't you just love them? Anyways, all the pictures today came from various places: the reception hall, Pippa, Carole, Beatrice, Eugenie, Anne, Queen Elizabeth II, and the Swedes. I hope you enjoyed this little update. I know it's not the Wedding Reception, but it is just a little extra taste of the festivities that went on.


Fellow appreciator of all things stylish, artful, and creative, Ms. Kirste Gallant had this to say about our blog

My Two Cents .. which may, or may not, be a more than a couple of cents!

I have loved watching the progression of this blog. I went all the way back to the very first post, to the point where Ailen didn't know a blog existed! Together you've broached a wide variety of topics, and may I say that the photos posted during the first year of your blog have only added to the experience! Though I have MANY favorite posts, favorite quotes, favorite photos - the introduction of Music Mondays has been A-MA-ZING! I love music, so it just fits! And it offers your readers another glimpse into the sisters!

Happy First Anniversary!