Monday, May 16, 2011

Music Moday: Flashbacks

This song has been haunting me this weekend, transporting me back to a time when all nighters were a novelty, homework was the main cause of stress , and having a job was unnecessary.

Having heard it at my friend's wedding on Saturday, and then as soon as I walked in the door yesterday, I felt that "I'll Be" by Edwin Mccain should be the song for this Monday.

Horrible fashion, and significant cheeziness aside, 1998 was a good year. Life was simpler, and easier. I wasn't even 10 yet! Oh the days of single digit ages, where have you gone? ...Still I'm not the one pushing t***** this year, am I sister? Oh common! People always think you're younger than me anyways, I'm just reminding them a little ;) Love you!

The wedding I was at was for my friend Brittany, and Maikal. You guys are beautiful. Tons of love, and here's to the years ahead that you will share (being the other's "crying shoulder" ...yeah, I had to do that).

It's amazing the memories that songs can bring up. I chalenge all of you readers to find a song from you're past this week, one that transports you back to a time when things were easy and simple. Enjoy.

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  1. Easy on the age comments there, Sister! Pretty soon it'll be you turning t***** and you'll appreciate kindness when you do ;)

    My go-to 1998 song is Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry.... oh the days of volleyball, egg rolls, the chevette, italian sodas and thinking we were so cool.... Cheers!