Friday, May 27, 2011

Bears, Butterflies & Beauties

Our plan for Saturday was to:
1) go shopping at the Secret Store (which will remain a secret a little while longer)
2) go for coffee at Phil & Sebastians

After successfully checking both those items off the list we ventured deep in to the wilderness....

this little girl was showing off her awesome outfit, and awesome butterfly whisperer skills (there's a butterfly perched on her hand :)

.... or at least to the Zoo with our new awesome outfits.


This 2-cent review is a very special one.
The whole reason I even appear half-put together on a semi-regular basis is because of this most amazing fashion mentor, and dear friend, Sigal.
Back in my Vancouver days, Sigal graciously took this fresh-off-the-farm girl under her wing and together we ventured into fashion wilderness..... where we both now dwell.

I love reading the blog and from an early time have come on here once a week during my lunch break to see what has been happening in the lives of my two favourite valentines.

Not only do I love the fashion part of the blogs, I also love the life realizations and the family comments from parents, etc. You two are very talented and have blessed us all with a small window into your lives. Thank you!


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  1. Saturday was a wonderful day, thank-you sister. And thank-you Sigal for your kind words. Tons of love to you.