Friday, August 19, 2011

You Gotta See This - Part 3

It's been discussed before, but so that everyone is aware, the purpose of our
Sisters & Such blog is to add


to the world.

We want to make you, dear readers, smile.

We hope that you relax a little as you read our entries.

Perhaps for just a moment forget your worries and dwell on something awesome.

Since writing this blog, I've developed a new appreciation for other people who (maybe unbeknown to them) are also adding to world-Awesome.

So when my friend Laura sent me the link for

We Like Nice BoysI let out a mini squeal of joy for how amazing these girls are for starting such a cute blog.

The staff at We Like Nice Boys are
"two single girl friends currently living, working, playing and creating in Calgary who want to feature one high quality single boy in Calgary, Alberta with photos and hilarious Q&A once a week, every week of the summer."

How cute is that??

Just take a look at these nice boys...

Jonathan Williams

Dan O'Byrne

Christofer Schroeder

To me, the best part is that this is a local blog. I haven't always loved Calgary (aka. the city where I've lived for the past six years), and finding a gem like this makes me think....

.... okay, maybe it's not so bad.

Thank you, Laura, for sharing this little bit of AWESOME.

And happy 30th!

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