Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You Gotta See This - Part 4

This maybe sounds like the most wonderful way to spend 44 days.

I know these links are hot right now, and most people have already seen them, but when my friend Regan recommended that I take a look, I couldn't help but feel inspired.

Thanks, Regan, for sending these little clips that, yes, I had to see.


  1. I must be incredibly unstable today because I am all teary eyed at my desk after watching MOVE. The moment when he claps his hands at the Thank you so much for sharing. Also, he is hot.

  2. Haha Denise, yes and yes. Love these. All of them. So much.

  3. uh.... Super hot!
    the pigeons moment is great, but I have a certain prairie-girl affinity to the moment where he's brushing his hands through the wheat fields....


    so many beautiful things in this world.