Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Mondays: Hope With Tears

This song...
this song,
makes me weep.

I cannot think of a song more powerful. In melody. In lyric.
If you listen, really listen... if you listen with your soul. You will know, and you will weep at the truth, and the beauty.
Seth Avett
of the Avett Brothers
with The Ballad of Love & Hate

I gave you one of the live versions, I encourage you to listen to many other versions of this song, because there are beautiful little differences in each of them.

"patient and kind - as always-"

...because we are all 'Hate' sometimes, we are all 'Love' sometimes, and we need to help each other out.

"I'm your's and that's it... whatever.

...I'm your's and that's it, forever

See you're mine and that's it, forever."


  1. Thanks for the new download!

  2. As soon as he sees her hope fills his eyes,
    but tears follow after at the end of the ride,
    cuz he might never see her again.....

    oh ...... oh.......