Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Snakes in The Water Day

Well there actually have been snakes in Calgary's water today. To find out more about that go here, to find out the Sister's definition of a "Snakes in the water day" go here... as in right here. Where you are now.

Over a year ago, both my sister and I, and our friends, and it seemed like everyone, was having a horrible day. That very day, two snakes escaped from their confines in the Calgary Zoo. The zoo was working with the city to check the water pipes for these snakes, one being the Malagasy Giant Hognosed snake. We then decided that the reason for the massively horrible day, is the fact that these snakes were in the water, and that any day henceforth that is the same, must be so because there are snakes in the water. They eventually found the snakes, and they were not that far from home. You can see these snakes at the Calgary Zoo anytime.

Anyways, anytime there are snakes in the water everyone needs a bit more beauty, and wonder. Here's a video of a a very talented craftsman creating a bench out of one piece of wood... amazing.

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