Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Omens of Fall

My friends, with it raining steadily these past few days I feel like it is time to put the denial away; summer is on the way out and fall is headed in. No need to fear, and please do not panic, we have faced this season before and I am here to remind you of a few of the best parts of the fall season...

The colours... can you recall the beauty of this season in its prime? Giving death such wonderful flare making it difficult to remember any other season being as alluring?

The preparation for winter... gathering the products from summer and preserving their memory of sun for the dark and cold days ahead.

The routine... something still embedded from elementary days. Falling back into a normalcy that was lost during the previous months.

The warmth... Yes! Even this. Home becomes a place of rich warmth filled with the smell of bread and soup mingled together.

All of these things mixing together to remind us, life is good... no matter the weather.

So my friends, there is no need to fear, and please do not panic, we have faced this season before and I for one, am glad of its return.

Today's post brought to you through many vessels, Jordan, Ailen, and mom are to credit for the photos, Emma is the thought process behind canning, and jamming being a method of bringing summer into winter... a wondrous and very true notion. Finally Kirstie is unknowingly the inspiration for today's post, as she sent me an ominous text earlier declaring "The end is near". I still haven't sorted what she was talking about, but I took the idea and ran with it!

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