Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You Gotta See This - Part 1

Last week I was amazed at all the things my friends kept showing me.
Every day someone would come to me and say
"Ailen! You gotta see this!"

I feel very privileged to have such awesome friends.
Ones who know my taste in wine, music and blogs.

The first "You Gotta See This" moment was when our friend, Brent, took a few of us on a excursion through a vineyard.

We ended up on the edge of the cliffs, over looking Lake Okanagan,
sipping wine, smelling sage, and smiling.

It was a beautiful place to spend a few moments with my beautiful friends.
Thanks, Brent, for taking us to this place that you've gotta see!


  1. I love the photos, looks beautiful. Which vineyard were you at?

  2. It was breathtaking!
    We were on the southeast side of the lake between Penticton and Naramata at Lake Breeze Winery. Such a beautiful spot, such wonderful people, and SUCH delicious wine :)