Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shakespeare In The Rain

A night of classic theatre entertainment outside under the canopy of a beautiful sky. What a good idea!!! Typically when I have attended these events everything has proceeded quite smoothly. Save for the weather this experience would have been much the same... save for the weather.

Part way through the first act of Much Ado About Nothing it started raining...

(Just look at those excellent performers continuing to act through the difficulties!)

And then it started pouring...

(It was VERY cold.)

And THEN came the thunder and lighting!

It was all very exciting really. The thunder and lighting cracked viciously over our heads for a while, they had a short break to clear the stage of some water, and there was a part where nothing could be heard from the stage... just because of all the background noise the rain made. It was at this time, I got distracted and decided to doodle...

All in all it was a fun time. Uncomfortable, cold, wet, all of it! We stuck it through only because our friends were performing. Otherwise I think we may have left. However, with two unbrellas, three tarps, and a whack load of candy we managed to brave it through. Ah the things we do for our friends! Thanks for the good time Red Deer's Shakespeare In The Park Company!

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