Monday, August 2, 2010

Outside a Glass Office Tower - Part 6

Aaaaand they're off!!

This is the first time our parents have travelled together since their really bad experience travelling together on their honeymoon back in 1975....

We're glad they've stuck together this long.

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!


  1. This is Barbara (Mama) writing.
    Now, that really DID make me laugh out loud. You have confused two family stories. Our honey moon was quite bad, as I, from the prairies, didn't know when Neil said, "Let's go into the Kootenays to Nakusp", that he meant we would be driving on single lane roads up winding mountains, that had signs posted on them, "Watch out for logging trucks." By the third day, all I wanted to do was take a straight road back to Alberta. The only problem was, there WERE no straight roads back to Alberta. The second trip we did together was the following year: we hitchhiked across Canada. It was 1976. So, those two trips, taken together, were the reason we haven't traveled together for 35 years. But our trip to Scotland was wonderful. No complaints, whatsoever!

  2. This is father Neil writing. (Am I allowed? That is, I'm male and decidedly not a sister- but I am really good at fashion and I like buying shoes too like the new Rossignol Xcountry ski boots I got in May...) Hey, thanks for this blog- I am learning about the likes and interests of my daughters.
    Now, about holidays, Ok the honeymoon was a learning experience. I thought Barbara liked the mountains but I learned that meant 'Nice, where you can stand back and see them' not up-close-and-personal. But this whole time I thought Barbara liked the 1976 trip across Canada (except for the sleeping in the Esso station bathroom in Whitewater Sask or the Francophone potato truck ride to Trois Riviere.) Actually there was the swarm of blackflies when we pitched our tent in the ditch near Upper Mabou. But other than that I thought she really liked it. So that leaves what the real reason why we haven't travelled together for 35 years. The FACT is that we have travelled together- just with 4 more bodies in the tent. We made it to Sylvan Lake one year. And Charlie Lake in northern BC. And Christopher Lake in northern Saskatchewan and lots of places. Or, who do you know who has stayed in a parking lot in downtown Victoria- with a trailer. How exotic is that! So this may all help to set the record straight. But if you mean JUST BARBARA and NEIL we did travel to Fairmont completely alone and with nobody else and that is in another whole province.

  3. Holy.... little did I know that I got the details so confused.

    Thank you Mom & Dad for offering this abundance of information (here, I was just trying to make a quick clever blog post).

    Nonetheless, you guys are great, and all your kids are still very happy that you're together!