Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday To...

ME! I turn 20 today!

Before my parents left they gave me some money for my birthday. Now I do have future plans that I am saving for (India), and any rational person would've put this money into that saving... but who wants to be rational for their birthday? I mean honestly!

So as my way of celebrating on my own, I decided to not be rational, and earlier this week I bought myself a new birthday outfit!

What? You mean you can't see the outfit from the picture? Well I had those pants before... and the shirt... and the sweater for that matter... none of that is new...
Let's take a closer look!

OH! The shoes!

AND earrings???

Yes. Shoes and earrings. Not exactly a birthday OUTFIT, but just look at them!

The shoes make me feel like a rock star, and the earrings are supper glamorous, what more could a girl ask for???

Besides I can wear these birthday accessories with many outfits in the future, and as most people reading this know, I would much rather spend money on shoes and accessories, than clothing.

P.S. Sorry about the bad photo quality... there are no more batteries left in the house so I had to use my webcam...

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