Friday, October 7, 2011

Who Do You Know?

Alright, so I will kind of be talking about music today, but more than that I'm talking about small world connections. I've already discussed this with my sister, and so no punishments will be necessary :)

Briercrest Bible College in Caronport Saskatchewan has seen many people through its doors: some of my elementary teachers, various friends, my sister, my sister-law-law, my sister-in-law's sister, and about ten years ago the band Downhere.

Brother Skylar likes to say that he could've been the bass player in Downhere. I'm not sure how that story goes, I think that at some point the band was missing a bass player and heard Sky play one time and they asked him to fill in but he couldn't... I don't know! Maybe it was a lot simpler than that, he can tell you in the comments ;)

When I was in grade 5 (?) a few of my teachers got their friends from college to play a show at our school while they were on tour... the band was Downhere.

When Skylar & Karen lived in Invermere they became good friends with Jeremy Thiessen's parents. Jeremy is the drummer of Downhere.

This year is the band Queen's 40th anniversary. They are organizing a 'Exravagansa' tour which highlights select individuals as the band. The front runner for lead vocals in the primiary auditions is Marc Martel... lead singer of the band Downhere.

Because of the popularity of his audition video, Marc Martel was interviewed on Ellen earlier this week.

That means all of you are at least 3 degrees of separation from Ellen, and 4 degrees from everyone she has interviewed.

There. Small world, full of crazy connections. I wanted to make sure you were all fully aware. :)

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