Friday, October 14, 2011

iPhone vs. Alarm Clock

Ladies and Gentleman,

I know that everyone is in LOVE with their Apple toys, and I'm one of them. I really really like my iPhone, and my MacBook Air. I swoon over the slick design and the efficiency in their operations. I use my iPhone for everything:







and even talking on the phone (but only rarely ;)

This week however, I reached the end of my love for my phone. It had failed me one too many times in one function and I decided that - as amazing of a machine as it is - I needed to revert to old technology.

Too many mornings in a row, my iPhone failed as my alarm clock.

It used to play music when it was time to get up, and that was the first function to go.

The docking station just beeped at me when it was time to get up.

The reliability of the snooze function was the second quality to go on the fritz...

that got my heart racing more than one morning in a row!

And suddenly, I realized that I missed listening to the radio.
The morning news reports told me everything I needed to know that morning
Where as with my iPhone, I had to research information:

traffic reports
interesting facts

So, I've done away with the iPhone alarm function, and welcomed back to my bedside the alarm clock that I've had since I was eight-years-old (a Christmas gift from my Aunt Kathy).

Say hello to my reliable P'Jammer

......... maybe I can start to call it my iJam

*photo taken with my iPhone4, Hipstamatic App


  1. I love it!! It isn't it great that stuff we had when we were little is now 'retro'.

  2. YES! I have it dialed to CBC Radio 1, 1010 in Calgary. They play great music :)