Monday, October 10, 2011

Music Monday: Thankful

Mmmmmm..... the farm.

I know we talk about our childhood home a lot on this blog, but we can't help it.
The farm is a beautiful magical place, that makes me feel at ease.

I can only imagine the stories the farm would tell of
watching us kids grow up over the decades.

Mum and Dad work so very hard to make this a beautiful,
comfortable place for us to visit now.

All the work they put into the land does not go unnoticed.
Keeping a farm this beautiful takes a lot of effort,
and comes with it's fair share of heartache.

But with the constant reward of seeing the benefits of your work...

Mum & Dad, I am thankful of all your efforts,
and for year after year the way that you've put
"another season's promise in the ground"

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