Monday, October 24, 2011

For Aunt Jocelyn


Back at Thanksgiving our Aunt Jocelyn asked if we could give her some tips on how to wear her scarf. Unfortunately neither Ailen or I had the chance to do so before Jocelyn left the farm. So although it is late Aunt Jo, here are some of my go-to styles for a variety of scarves... just in time for a shift in the weather ;)

There are four basic types of scarf in my closet... The Classic Knit ~ The Perfect Square ~ The Smooth Pashmina ~ and The Giant Rectangle...

Let's start with the Classic Knit... Step 1: wrap it around as many times as possible, and leave some ends to work with. Step 2: tuck one end through a loop to keep it warm and cozy. VIOLA! Easy. Warm. Lovable.

With a few more steps we have the Perfect Square... Step 1: fold in half diagonally. Step 2: place the 90 degree angle in the front. Step 3: wrap the ends around neck, and tuck them under the front (if you find that the ends continually stick out you can always tie them loosely together under the front). Adjust as you like and DONE! Cute. Practical. Fun.

Now I am going to reveal a trick my sister taught me years ago! This one goes best with the Smooth Pashmina, stay with me... Step 1: drape around neck as shown. Step 2: wrap one (longer) side across front, around neck and back to the front (not shown). Step 3: reach between wrapped loop and one hanging end and grab other hanging end. Step 4: Pull through and adjust for show, because you just made a scarf braid! MAGIC! Clean. Sophisticated. Puzzling.

This next one is probably what I use the most. The Giant Rectangle may or may not be my favorite ;) ... Step 1: fold corners diagonally creating two 90 degree points. Step 2: Pick a point to put in the front. Step 3: wrap the other side around the back of neck. Step 4: bring second point into the front and tuck the end in the back. Now you have two points in the front! Cozy. Dynamic. Fascinating.

Typically with this last one you'll catch me taking advantage of the extra folds in the back to make myself a little covering over my head...

Like I said this one is dynamic, and probably my favorite because of that!

So Aunt Jocelyn I hope this helped give some new life and inspiration to your scarf wearing habits. And I hope all of you enjoyed today's little tutorial. As an extra bonus here is Ailen putting on the Giant Rectangle style! :D

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