Monday, January 9, 2012

Music Monday: Angus & Julia

A little while ago it came to my attention that I've been a bad sister. I've told you before that sometimes I forget to tell Ailen about certain artists or songs... this is one of those times.

I first heard the Australian brother and sister, Angus and Julia Stone, while I was working for Carmon at Sprouts Greenhouse. Carmon is amazing and has been responsible for introducing me to much of the great music I love, Xavier Rudd, Bon Iver, the song "Set Fire to The Third Bar", and the always beautiful KT Tunstall.

This song captured me.
Actually, the following video is two songs... the second one is the bonus song from the album, but I always end up listening to them both, so for me they flow together really nicely and it is sometimes hard to listen to one without the other. I hope you enjoy, but be warned... they are both really sad.

Evidently the first song is called The Devil's Tears and the second one is Old Friend.
I would not mind if 'Old Friend' was played at my funeral. Just sayin'

Alright, alright, alright!
I know, I've gone and made you all soppy and sad, don't worry I'm gonna fix it.

This next song is a brilliant remix of A&J's song Big Jet Plane. It took me FOREVER to find online, but I did it just for you.

While listening to this song I always picture guys with canes and bowler hats dancing to it... lit from behind so all you can see is there silhouette as they try to win the heart of the woman they love... :D

Happy Monday everybody! Check out Carmon's Youtube channel while you're here. She's been making videos on how to beat the winter blues with the food you make in this season. It is well worth a visit, and perfect for eating healthy in the new year!

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