Friday, January 6, 2012

Generation Gap

In todays episode of Generation Gap,
the role of the Young will be played by


The role of the "Old" will be played by......

Ashton: I just watched Forrest Gump for the first time

Ailen: Life is like a box of chocolates!" Please tell me you know where "you had me at hello" is from...

Ashton: Haha! Well from all the movie quotes, parodies, and guest appearances I knew where the first one was from, but all I heard was that one and "Run, Forrest, run!" (which coincidentally I got that yelled at me by two random girls near 17th one night). I've always heard them in a joking manner but they're pretty deep once you watch the movie.
And the second one is easy: "Hello" by Beyonce

Ailen: Really??? Is that your final answer?

Ashton: Ummm I want to say its between Casablanca and Gone With The Wind... Can I phone a friend?

Ailen: ‎.... As long as the friend you call is my sister. But I fear with your last 2 guesses that we've just stepped on a whole LAND MINE of movies you haven't seen...... Ashton!

Ashton: BAHAHAHAAHA! land mine.

*Dials Kelsey's number...*
*Kelsey's phone rings*
(insert phone conversation here)

Ashton: Jerry Miguire. Final Answer.

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