Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back At It

Well today was the first day back at school. It feels good to have the order and schedule return after so many weeks away. My first impression? It's gonna be a lot of work.

Ailen bought a new day timer last night, and told me that she only wanted to see one week at a time. "Would you be more overwhelmed if you had a month view?" I asked, and without hesitation my sister responded with "Yes."

Like any first day of term, we began class with a look at the order of projects for the next five weeks. As my sister might guess, it was overwhelming, but we finished the reading and proceeded with the work for the day and much was accomplished. Even when the power went out in the afternoon!

My only hope in this new year is to focus my energies towards being better motivated and less of a procrastinator. If I am able to effectively plan my tasks for one week, then there is no need to be concerned with the overwhelming reality of the next few months.

Learning how to function responsibly right? That's the trick ;)


  1. I can hardly wait to be back to school - I guess it's relative. I was home sick for the last two weeks of school before the break and I welcome the overwhelming of being back it! Maybe others have ideas for overcoming the overwhelming - I like to make the list, to get it out of my head, and then gleefully check off each completed item. Also, every time a task NOT on the list is done, write it down and check it off, too.

  2. I think part of the reason it's easy to keep blogging with you is because we only do it a week at a time ;)

    Thinking about how many posts that would have to go up in a year would make me quit immediately!

    I love you sister, and I know you'll be able to manage the next 5 weeks with ease :)