Friday, July 15, 2011

One Short Day

There was a voice on the wind - Oops! Sorry, that's the wrong reference, hmmm... let me think - There was a shift in the weather (:P) here in Calgary last Wednesday evening, which caused a twister to change the path of these sisters.
They heard tell of a way
In which possibly they
Might be able to go to a show
Just enter your name
"At no cost!" they say
Then wait for the drawing to know
If your name is picked
Then the fee's worth the risk
The sisters they just had to go!

As you've probably guessed
The sisters did win
They jumped and they danced to and fro
It was a magical night
Full of wonder and bliss
A feeling all people should know
So pay close attention
A 'Wicked' wind's blowing
If you feel it push you do go!
This is what the sisters wore...

Happy Friday everyone! And if you DO get a chance to see the Broadway musical Wicked this summer, then don't pass it up!


  1. You didn't give the details on how you did the Ailen jumping picture.

  2. Haha! But it was with magic of course!