Monday, July 4, 2011

Music Monday - Drifters

this song snuck up on me, but has now instantly become my summer theme

it reminds me that
the place i'm passing through is where i'm supposed to be
just to be there for that moment and then carry on.
as if the journey is the destination

this is my summer so far

(press play)*

oh let it fall this mountain over me
caught under the weight of every song i'd ever sung to you
love is not such common knowledge i see it in your eyes
that summer smile - it lingers on tonight

i walked down to the water
i wash it over me
morning comes clothed in her golden light quieting the whispers of the night
it leads you home singin' la-de-da-de
standing there we came with clouded eyes
how could we know that love it moves in tides - you and i are drifters

i walk down to the water
i wash it over me
i'm comin' though the valley low

when you're lost from the shore and you're caught where the current runs strong
if you're drifting in doubt and your heart knows the distance is long
there's a hurt in the touch, but you need it as much as you need anything in your life

*Zaac has really amazing music that reminds me of the
endless prairies and the cozy rainy coast. Give his other songs a listen too
And his wife, Rachel, is maybe the awesomest person ever

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