Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Responsible Steward

In the Gospel of Matthew (25:14-30)...
Jesus talks about the three servants that were each given treasure to look after while their boss was away.
One servant burried the treasure that was given to him in the ground until the boss came back. In the story, Jesus called this servant foolish (along with a bunch of other bad words), for not being more productive with the money.

Similar to the three servants in the story Kelsey has entrusted treasure to me while she is away. And in stark contrast to the third servant I have no intention of burrying this treasure in the ground.

In fact, I have put many of Kel's treasures to good use - and often many treasures at the same time :)

I'm not the only one putting the treasures to good use, either.

Kelsey, sister, when you return you will find that your treasure looked after by a responsible steward.

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  1. Very responsible! BOTH OF YOU! And VERY Love Megan ;)