Monday, October 25, 2010

Almost Criminal

I wasn't quite sure what to think when our friend led me and his little sisters down an alley, and it almost felt like we were about to engage in criminal activity when he rang the doorbell on a shady-looking back door of a building...

The man who answered the door looked at the four of us suspiciously. Our friend held up four fingers to the guy and a few words were exchanged in quiet tones. He let the door slam shut between us and then we stood in the alley.... waiting.

Mere moments later, the man came back with four of the most delicious, gourmet lamburgers of all time!

So yummy, and such a funny adventure.

p.s. These sisters are another very cool pair. Thanks for the fun adventure, Julianne & Mandi! Don't forget to be kind to your brother....


  1. (This is Barbara)
    I just have to say, that with the new Department of Agriculture regulations on traceability, possible selling those lamburgers WAS an almost criminal activity!

  2. Lol love it! Good to know you're keeping the rebel in you alive while I'm gone!
    What am I talking about? I'm not a rebel either... We will have to go here when I get back!