Monday, October 4, 2010

Commonwealth Games

Tomorrow morning... so tonight for all of you Canadians reading this Monday morning... I will be arriving in the middle of the chaos which is the CWG in New Delhi. I hope to attend a few events while I am here, I mean how could I not???

The last time I attended the games was when they were in Edmonton. Our Swedish family was visiting so we made an event of it There are many fantastic photos of that time and I unfortunately am unable to show you any because well, I'm not at home. Hopefully I will be able to show you pictures of this week in the near future!

Thanks to going to Vancouver with my sister during the Olympics last year I am well versed in the best ways to navigate a big city during such times! Now... what events should I go to? SUGGESTIONS???


  1. Cycling! And cheer for the IOM Men's team :)

  2. Oh! And apparently we have connections to the Canadian women's field hockey team! You' should see them too :)