Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More Awesome

The Project for Awesome, is an annual event created by our inspiration, the Youtube vloggers Hank and John Green. Every year on December 17th Youtube becomes a place about charities, raising awareness and coming together as a community to decrease world suck.

People load videos about their favorite charities and then go and find more of those videos, 'like', 'favorite' and 'share' them with everyone. The way that Youtube works, all of this activity tricks the site into labeling these videos most popular in each of their different sections: Entertainment, Sports, Music, etc. Therefore, one day a year Youtube isn't dedicated to providing the world with videos of cats being spun around on ceiling fans, tourists at festivals accidentally washing their hands in the urinal, or (my favorite) adorable children explaining the plot of Star Wars episode IV. No. On December 17th, Youtube becomes the vessel for the publicity of organizations dedicated to making the world more awesome.

SO if you feel so compeled make a video showcasing your favorite charity. If that task seems to daunting then simply go onto Youtube next Saturday and join in simply by watching the videos others post, perhaps you will discover something new.

Here is a quote taken from the P4A facebook page (the official website is currently down as it's being remodeled for next Saturday)

Sometimes the world just sucks too much. This year is certainly no exception. But it’s the time of the year when we have to think about others instead of ourselves. Which is why the YouTube community is excited to band together to promote our favorite charities, and to encourage giving among young and old alike.

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