Friday, December 2, 2011

Make Life Worth Living

There are many things that make this world dark...

When there are things to be done, that don't get done. Waking up tired. Someone who parks in your spot. The person who forgets how lines work in the grocery store. That jerk who decides that he does not have to signal...

The list could go on. All those little things that seem to add up to a catastrophe of a day.

But the darkness does not exist to take over and extinguish. Perhaps we get so caught up with the darkness outside, that we forget to provide space inside us for our own darkness. Both light and dark have their place and purpose. We are in the midst of it my friends, the darkest time of the year literally. Winter Solstice is a unique day, a time when the darkness triumphs, but of course this is only for a brief moment. From that day until the peak of summer, we turn towards the sun in search of warmth. It's a balance, and from the darkness we witness the birth of light.

In my research regarding the Solstice on December 22nd, I have found one main tradition: Fighting the Gloom. In order for new life to flourish, and for the sun to rise again, we must "vanquish the darkness with merriment". suggests the following
"You should enjoy yourself as much as possible on the Winter Solstice because this will bring back light (and lightness) into the world. Different traditions mention feasting, gambling, playing pranks, giving gifts, visiting, drinking, dressing up, fornicating, putting on plays and staying up all night. During the dark of winter, invoke all the forces of pleasure and love which make life worth living."
So friends, this is what I suggest, December 21st we celebrate. Feel free to dress up, bring a candle with you. There will be feasting and drinking, perhaps some pranks, and we would love your attendance with all of your light, and all of your dark. Celebrate and turn towards the light.

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