Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Seek and You Will Find

I felt like a kid today.

I think while I've been becoming an adult I've managed to keep my childlike wonder mostly intact, but today it came rushing back in full force.

I went on a treasure hunt.

An honest-to-goodness

kind of treasure hunt
and I found my prize

Okay, maybe it was full of buttons and trinkets instead of rubies and diamonds, but it didn't matter. I'd gone on the hunt and found exactly what I'd been looking for; a geocache.

Such a thrill over finding such a simple thing....
geocaches can be hidden by anyone, and found by anyone - anywhere in the world.

There's probably one closer to you than you think.

I researched a couple close to me that I thought I could try
and sure enough
on my first geocaching adventure
I found the jackpot

Tucked inside with all the trinkets was a
little log book of all the times this one has been found.
It was first hidden on January 23, 2011
and has been found by other treasure hunters
55 times since then.

So. I plopped myself down in the grass and dirt,
beside a couple of trees,
with a bit of nature's debris stuck in my hair,
and added my name to the list.

I added a trinket, closed up the box, and hid it exactly where I found it.
It's there for you to find, and when you do, I guarantee you'll feel
the same rush of simple joy
that kept me floating for the rest of the day.


  1. We met a couple in Scottsdale, Az.three years ago when we were on holidays and this is what they do for their whole holiday. It is quite a hobby I guess and can get very complex.

  2. Awww I love geocaching and just decided that I should take it up again...what a coincidence! haha <3

  3. I went to bed with bits of tree in my hair tonight! Good to be a kid again.