Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Extention of Idea to Reality

What makes an idea come to life? Creativity, motivation, time, encouragement, passion, and unfortunately sometimes money... the list goes on. Still the fact remains that there are many great ideas that stay idle in the creator's mind.
Even though my sister and I talk quite frequently about starting a business with our combined fashion and accessory creating skills, we may never do it. This blog will hopefully prevent that.
Now before I start posting my creations onto the hungry engine of the internet, I want to show you my inspirations.
Any great idea had to come from some kind of origin. I took a directing class this past year and something my teacher said stuck with me
"As artists we steal the best parts of what we see, hear, and experience, and combine these to make our own unique creation."
I feel that this is true for all art, not just theatre. So with no more ado, some of my inspirations...

A wonderful website:

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