Monday, October 17, 2016

Music Monday - No Reason To Get Excited pt.2

In high school, one of my teachers asked us to write an essay defending original thought vs. inspiration. I took a stance that was something along the lines of: people build on existing inspiration. The "new" is never possible without what came before... like cover songs!

A few years ago my sister made a post comparing herself to our father through the use of a song cover as an example. Same... but different.

The song of choice was, All Along The Watchtower, and the illustration painted our dad as the Jimmy Hendrix version, whereas Ailen was the Dave Matthews rendition.

Today, I accidentally stumbled upon Jamie N. Commons singing the same song, and I am very happy to claim it as my own "same but different" All Along The Watchtower:

We're all just copies of each other, trying to rediscover ourselves.
You can find my sister's original post here.

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