Monday, June 30, 2014

our father in heaven...

...made certain we were taken care of. From roofs over our heads, to light in our spirits.

He cherished small moments within the most significant ones... 

...gave us incomparable love, 
making sure we KNEW fully and completely we occupied his heart. 

...and once upon a time, our mother said "Neil, I had the funniest dream that we got married!"                                       ...To which he replied, "Why not?"

He gave us a life for which we are so grateful. He gave us music, laughter, joy, warm fires, bedtime stories, long talks filled with rich conversation. He made us believe in the goodness of the world, and that what we have to offer is not only a worthwhile contribution but a necessary one. 

"I do not value material items, I value experiences." he'd say, in reference to birthday gifts, which we then would take and apply to deep philosophical issues, just as he taught us to do.  

Impossible, it is, to imagine a life without his exuberant affection, unending patience, or gracious mentorship. He left for us this example of how to appreciate the actions, the words, the people who make life so valuable. Our father... 

"How did I get so lucky?" - Ailen White

Thank-you friends. For continuing to share in this. Your support gives us hope. And all the world must know that hope, though faint at times, is indeed not lost. 

We love you.

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